Efficient Thermal Cycle Undergoing Adiabatic Contraction Based Work by Releasing Heat

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Ramon Ferreiro Garcia


By means of observational evidence it is shown that, among the vast amount of heat-work interactions occurring in closed process based transformations, there exists the possibility of doing a transformation characterized by doing useful mechanical work by contraction based compression, while increasing the internal energy. Such thermodynamic transformation has never been considered in processes. However, in reality closed contraction based compression process are physically possible in which net work is produced by contraction of a thermal working fluid while fulfilling the fundamental laws. Thus, the objective is therefore to analyze heat-work interaction modes in closed processes conducted by heat addition, heat extracting and net work done by the process. Therefore, this analysis focuses on the feasible thermodynamic transformations contributing to the achievement of efficient closed processes based thermal cycles. The proposed cycles are characterized by performing mechanical work both in the expansion phase due to heat addition, and in the compression phase due to heat releasing. The cycles achieved are characterized by operating with closed thermal processes in which both transformations with isochoric heat addition and isochoric heat extraction are associated with useful mechanical work at high performance. The analysis of the cycle between top working temperatures ranging from 350 to 700 K while botom temperature approaches 300 K has been carried out, corroborated by experimental validation for low temperatures, in the order of 350 degrees Kelvin through a test bench designed specifically for this task. It is also worth noting that the thermal efficiency is independent of the temperature ratio. Therefore the results indicate that for lower temperatures below 690 K, the thermal efficiency of the cycle exceeds the Carnot factor, which is an efficient means of recovering residual or low-grade heat efficiently.

Closed processes, closed processes-based cycles, contraction work, cooling-based work expansion work, heat-work interaction, heating-based work

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Garcia, R. (2019). Efficient Thermal Cycle Undergoing Adiabatic Contraction Based Work by Releasing Heat. Journal of Energy Research and Reviews, 2(4), 1-15. https://doi.org/10.9734/jenrr/2019/v2i430085
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