Feasibility Study for a Biogas Plant in Jordan

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Zainab Alhammad


This research was conducted to estimate the economic feasibility of establishing biogas plant from dairy farms manure in Al-Dlail district (Zarqa governorate). Biogas is a mixture of gas consisting of 50-70% of methane and carbon dioxide 30-45%, and other gases and water that resulted from the digestion of the biomass process with the absence of oxygen. It is used as a fuel source in many countries for the purposes of lighting and cooking. Biogas is a clean and renewable form of energy that can be sustainable solutions of large organic waste produced in animal farms and reduces the harmful environmental pollution. Also, it can be an opportunity to invest and make profits. Data for this research was collected by desk research, survey and interviews. The respondents were 31 dairy farmers; the interview included the Jordan Biogas plant manager, owners of manure plants, heads of cattle breeders associations and stakeholders in government organization. The collected data were analyzed by using SPSS, 5P's analysis, PESTEC Analysis and Canvas model to come up with a clear picture about the feasibility of biogas utilization in Zarqa governorate. The study showed the tremendous environmental pollution that happened in Al-Dlail and Al-Khaldiah areas due to the poor management of cattle farms manure, causing air, soil ground and surface water pollution. As a solution to this problem, the study showed that the most appropriate solution to this problem is to exploit these manure in the production of energy from biogas as a sustainable, and environment-friendly project. The research also included the size of the feedstock of the manure produced from cattle farms, the availability of the necessary technology to build a project of this plant, the availability of markets for its products and the legislative framework governing the renewable energy projects represented by the Ministry of Energy. The study concluded that it is possible to establish a medium-sized biogas plant. The recommendation is to facilitate government procedures for investors in renewable energy and the promotion of environmental awareness between farmers and pay more attention to the management of livestock waste by creation waste management departments in government institutions.

Biogas, Jordan, animal farms, PESTEC analysis, feedstock.

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Alhammad, Z. (2019). Feasibility Study for a Biogas Plant in Jordan. Journal of Energy Research and Reviews, 3(4), 1-6. https://doi.org/10.9734/jenrr/2019/v3i430104
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