Energy Efficiency “Example of Adana Yüreğir Wastewater Treatment Plant (Turkey)”

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H. H. Şahin
B. Yelmen


The purpose of this study is to analyze the design and operating parameters for Yuregir Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) of Adana Metropolitan municipality and to make a comparison of the economic analysis system. The data of Yuregir WWTP regarding the amount of treated wastewater (m3/month-1), the amount of produced gas (m3 month-1), the energy withdrawn from the grid (kWh month-1), and the electricity generated from the generator (kWh/month) were obtained for the year 2017. With such data, the relations of the amount of treated wastewater and energy, the amount of produced gas and energy, and the energy generated and drawn from the grid were examined. It was observed that the average amount of wastewater treated and produced gas at the facility were 2 517 831 m3 month-1 and 134 596  m3 month-1 while the generation of electricity from the generator and energy recovery as energy efficiency were 317 166 kWh/month and 49,72%, respectively. Based upon the calculations made, it was observed that the energy consumption unit was reduced when the organic loading removal was increased at the Yüregir WWTP.

Wastewater treatment plan, renewable energy, energy efficiency

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Şahin, H. H., & Yelmen, B. (2019). Energy Efficiency “Example of Adana Yüreğir Wastewater Treatment Plant (Turkey)”. Journal of Energy Research and Reviews, 3(2), 1-8.
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